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I got back from church on one of the Sundays in July. I was so excited at who I had seen in church…..guess who I had seen!!! It was the popular comedian, Bovi, he sat very close to where I was and all I could do was imagine Bovi on stage as he did his thing. He had always been my best stand-up comedian, so I took to social media and chatted some of my friends up to tell them of this celebrity I had seen some hours earlier. The different reactions of these friends can be seen below:
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Mute by Mide Benedict

That Friday, everyone was spitless, yet it felt as if we spoke all at once in fading tones. Adiza, Halimat's sister wore it differently, her eyes, blood red, her tongue, twisted. Mine was twisted too. Halimat laid right there, silent and unmoving; each gaze at her drove tears out of my eyes.

Sustenance: Poetry for Some One Lost Soul

I wonder how grey
My life will be
If not for you,
A Lover that stays

God and The Snail: Poetry For Some One Lost Soul

Sometimes it feels
Like all is done,
That this life of ours
Is caught in deadly thorns:
From where we cry for help in a land
Where to have ears is a great taboo!

But in all these... we remember...

New Song: Pillar by Geerave

Pilar by Geerave is a song comes with a special tune that matches its special praise lyrics.

"Pillar" is a breathtaking, lyrical,

New Song: One Hit by Geerave

One Hit is a cover song by Gospel Artiste Geerave.  This is a song for everyone out there gasping for breath through the everyday hustle of


This is for those
Who see life as an unfair land,
Where growth is fairly found only
On luck's fragile and ferocious tree:

It is for those whose eyes only
See reality as a coin
Always tossed to uncertainty:

For those who see misery
As an inescapable ditch,
Never to be seen when its mouth agars,
Never to be escaped when its venom runs,
But to be delivered like a slave for a ritual,
Thrown like a cotyledon into dry soil,
To germinate failure like a blocked well,
Hoping to salvage a droughty throat.

For those whose first name is lucky,
Whose last name is uncertainty
And middle name misery,
Know that which you know not that
The poison in your tongue is
The wine your life drinks;
It drinks on and on till stupor calls for death
And stupidity dresses its grave
Like a young man before a mirror,
Staring unthinkingly at his face,
Till he sees greyness in his eyes.

This is for those who see eye to eye
With the words on this slate.

Image by Midé Benedict

New Song: The Reason by Geerave

Timely is the word, seasoned is the artist and "The reason" is the song. It's another song from Gospel Art, Geerave and this time, it bears us into the arm of the festive period. What actually is the reason for all the joys that come with Christmas? Why exactly do we merry and share love? The answers are openly locked up in this new song. Well, for those who know, this is a lyrical reminder borne with dexterity to feed us again with "The reason" why we merry in the season. Just download, listen, reason, listen again, share and listen again.

Click here to download and enjoy.

Do have a Merry Christmas!